Dent Island Lodge has taken all reasonable precautions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect all guests and workers from Covid-19. We have obligations to enhance our safety and assure all critical measures are taken with high consideration. We will continue to monitor local safety regulations and recommendations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • All boats are sanitized every night.
  • Physical distancing will be practiced on all tour boats.
  • Hand Sanitizer and disposable masks will be available in all boats.
  • Staff and guides who cannot be protected by two meters of distance or a physical barrier will wear masks.
  • The fish cleaning stations will be sanitized regularly.
  • All contract tour guides will practice current health guidelines.


  • All staff must wash their hands immediately upon entering the kitchen.
  • Those who cannot be protected by two meters of distance or a physical barrier must wear masks.
  • Staff will maintain social distancing amongst themselves.
  • Staff are not to leave personal items behind the bar. There is no loitering or eating behind the bar or kitchen.
  • To minimize the chances of staff contamination, personal communication items such as cell phones and walkie-talkies are not permitted during their shifts.
  • All staff must use their own tools when possible and not share tools (i.e. knives, spoons, etc for cooks, and pens corkscrew, serving trays for servers).
  • A bussing station is set up at the entrance to the kitchen from the dining room to avoid unnecessary entry into the kitchen by the front of house staff.
  • Only the dishwasher shall make contact with dirty dishes from guests. The dishwasher must have clear communication with the expeditor when spraying dirty dishes and vice versa when food is being transported from BOH to FOH.
  • Staff will give a complete scrub down, sweep, and sanitizing of the kitchen before and after each PM to AM and AM to PM shift.


  • As a precaution, all in-room housekeeping services will only take place after guests have checked out. Any garbage that can be sealed can be left outside the room for morning pick-up.
  • Furniture and fixtures, including common areas and high touch surfaces, will be sanitized before and after guests come into contact with them.
  • Lysol spray, wipes, paper towel, hand sanitizer, and extra garbage bags will be provided in each room.
  • Linens and towels will be removed before new replacement is brought inside the room to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Bags will be provided for guests who require linens laundered.
  • Garbage and soiled linens can be sealed in bags and left outside of room for pick up.
  • Should guests need anything during their stay, it will be dropped off on their deck without contact.


  • We have rearranged our seating to ensure physical distancing of all guests.
  • Single use condiments and disposable items will be used when available.
  • Our kitchen, washrooms and high-touch surfaces are sanitized regularly and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • All are encouraged to wash hands with soap and water whenever possible, however if not available, hand sanitizers are provided on each table.
  • Staff members will wear masks if they are unable to social distance.
  • Servers will not reach over or across guests; food and drinks will be placed at the front of the table and they will do their best to maintain 2 meters of distance.
  • Special care will be taken in segregating and cleaning dirty and clean dishes and cloths.
  • All freight will be unloaded and sanitized following lodge procedure and wiped down.