Part of the allure of staying at a British Columbia fishing lodge is the remoteness of the location. You’re going on an adventure to a secluded island where you’ll disconnect from the bustle of your everyday life and down shift to a much slower pace.

At Dent Island, we like to say you’re getting that experience, but with a dollop of luxury. We also think the journey to the lodge is part of the appeal to stay with us. You won’t be taking a leisurely drive to Dent Island. Instead, you’ll either be flying or taking a water taxi.

“The journey to the lodge is the perfect way to prepare yourself for your stay,” said Justin Farr, Dent Island Lodge’s manager. “You’ll get time to relax and take in the scenery before embarking on this adventure.”

By Air

If you decide to travel to the island by air, you’ll have several options both in airlines and departure points.

Flying from Seattle gives you two choices. Kenmore Air leaves from Kenmore/Lake Washington while Northwest Seaplanes leaves from South Lake Washington in Seattle. The seaplanes from both airlines make the flight in about 2 hours 30 minutes. Reservations can be made either on scheduled flights or chartered.

You’ve got two flight options if you leave from Vancouver, British Columbia. Harbour Air and Seair both fly out of Vancouver Harbor and offer chartered flights. The seaplanes operated by both airlines take about 90 minutes to make the trip to the lodge.

Your final flight option is with Corilair, which operates out of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. The airline typically offers three daily scheduled flights, which take about 20 minutes.

By Sea

Way West Water Taxi makes three runs to the lodge each week. Reservations are needed for the ride, which will take about 1 hour 15 minutes. Also, your luggage needs to weigh no more than 100 pounds.

One couple who traveled from Tacoma, Washington, to the lodge and took the water taxi commented on Trip Advisor how the deckhands were efficient and helpful during their ride over to the island.

Be Prepared

As with any travel plans, we strongly encourage you to be in contact with your transportation provider as schedules and conditions can change. Regardless of how you get here, we’ll be eagerly awaiting your arrival and ready to show you what makes Dent Island so special.

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